Blue Lake County International Department of Bashu Primary School in Chongqing, which is jointly held by Longhu Real Estate Company of Chongqing and Fenglong Education Development Co. Ltd of Chongqing, is a modernized private school with a high starting point and high quality. The school, adjacent to Longhu Sports Center and Poly International Golf Course, is located in Longhu Blue Lake County community of Chongqing New North Zone, and closes to the international airport of Chongqing and Chongqing North Train Station. The campus covers an area of 23337 square meters, construction area of 13957.18 square meters. It’s a tailored Chinese-style international school specifically for Chinese students.

  The school advocates the education philosophy of “Responding to Children’s Heart Beating”, emphasizes the training of students’ leadership and personal qualities and aims to foster self-confidence, open-minded, elegant Bashu children with the help of parents and other social resources. The children here are particularly self-confident, because they possess the wisdom basis; The children here are especially expansive, because they have great dreams like the sun; The children here are particularly elegant, because they have ideals to serve for the human beings.

  Our school advocates the image culture which has both Science and Humanities. The building style of our campus is simple, bright and atmospheric and you can find the history of Bashu, the culture of both China and the world inside our campus. We have standardized classrooms and professional classrooms, and a gymnasium, sports grounds, small theaters, reading rooms, student apartments, students’ canteen, plantations and other facilities. It is a paradise for children.

  The school advocates the course culture which has the symbiosis of Personality and Creation. Through 2-years practice, based on the full implementations of the national curriculum, our school focus on building the international education system with Chinese characteristics, and achieves the goal “Enjoying physical exercise everyday and Learning English everyday”. Sports programmers focus on cultivating the leadership and fitness habits of students, fully implement the national sports curriculum standards, and fully integrate community curriculum resources of physical education for the implementation of swimming, tennis, golf, orienteering sports movement and other fashionable sports. Our students has win a lot of competitions in Track and field, swimming and taekwondo, and our school was named the key school of football in Chongqing. With the goal of developing a global vision for students, English courses add the school-based curriculum “Bashu walks around the world” on the basis of the teaching materials appointed by the state, and at the same time set Learning while Travelling around the World program , create a comprehensive English language learning environment, enhance English learning ability of students, and lay a solid foundation for the students to achieve the goal of international communication without barrier. Every week, our school carries out special courses named “share growth” as the theme to provide real education scene and display space for the growth of each student. Each month, the school conducts cultural celebrities of Bashu International Forum with the theme, “Cultural celebrity and world cultural sharing” so as to cultivate Chinese sentiments and a world perspective of the Chinese students.
  Our school advocates a happy and caring community culture. It is located in the communities of Blue Lake County, which is rich in the resources of community activities and parents who are supporting and understanding our school’s education. The school focuses on integrating social resources, exploring the education system which can link schools and communities together. In order to do that, we have set special course for parents volunteers and made a schedule for them. So that we can achieve the aim that to make a new education system which can link schools, parents and communities together.
  Spirit and action are both important in our school’s management. We employed the former mid-level cadres and the original management team members of Bashu Primary school to form our management team to implement school management, intentions to build excellent team of teachers. There are many excellent teachers hired from Bashu Primary School in Chongqing and exchanged teachers from the link schools abroad. There are also lots of excellent young teachers from other parts of China .They were trained and examined by Chongqing Bashu Primary School on commission of the school in accordance with the standard training of Bashu Primary school. The teachers of Bashu International department inherit the Bashu culture, but also more open to international understanding, in order to ensure that Chinese-style international schools, the quality of the school.

  In September of 2007, Bashu International School officially admitted students to the public, and it has attracted the favor of the foreign children of all ages from the United States, Japan, Ukraine, Singapore, Brazil and so on, because of its beautiful environment, humane management, features courses, excellent teachers and the high education quality. Bashu children, the vision of the world. We would like to share the wisdom and joy of education with you!